English on the Costa Daurada

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Improve your English

Learning or improving your command of a foreign language is an engaging task which encompasses a whole range of skill sets.

It’s not all rules and exceptions, but using a CELTA trained native English speaker for adult learning may be a huge advantage.

Online or offline?

If you’re between Tarragona, Reus and Hospitalet de l’Infant, then we can do in-person lessons, observing social distancing rules naturally. Alternatively, we can also do online lessons, which is especially useful during the CoViD-19 situation.

Join a class

What is your preference? One-on-one tuition, do you prefer to work as a pair, or in group classes? There are pros and cons for these decisions which you will want to consider. We’ll want to meet and discuss your aims and your abilities.

If you’d like to get started, then we can discuss what you need in a short onboarding meeting together.

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